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use your smartphone for secure multi-factor authentication

Passwordless Authentication

Passwords are the first door that hackers try to open. Complex long passwords are good in theory but hard to remember in practice. Many users use the same password for many systems, save passwords on a computer file, or write the password on paper on their desk! On the other hand, several mechanisms exist to crack a password like brute-force attack, dictionary attack, and social engineering. Gozar provides secure passwordless authentication to tackle this challenge. The user accesses your system with no password and authenticates with his/her biometric on the smartphone. You gain passwordless authentication with a high level of biometric security at no cost to purchase and maintain expensive biometric scanners and sensors.

Biometric Verification

Gozar uses the biometric capability of smartphone devices like fingerprint and face recognition to verify the user. So, nobody can authenticate instead of the original user. Android and iOS store biometric features on the smartphone to secure memory and protect the user identity. So, Gozar only uses this capability and does not have any access to the user biometric data.

Secure Element

Almost all smartphones have a Secure Element. It is a cryptography chip that stores the cryptography keys and other sensitive data in a protected environment. Android and iOS use Secure Element to store biometric data too. Gozar uses Secure Element to store user private key and generate a cryptographic digital signature for multi-factor authentication. Secure Element has a high-level security assurance similar to Smart Cards and secure USB dongles.

Blind Authentication

Gozar does not need a real username for authentication that is called blind authentication. So, Gozar can authenticate a user only based on his/her random smartphone identifier. There is no need to transfer and store usernames. So, you do not need to send your usernames to Gozar at all.


Gozar protects privacy and does not store any user identity data. It does not need any password and does not store the user's phone number and email address. If you enable blind authentication, Gozar does not even know the username.

Secure Logon

Upgrade your network security with multi-factor authentication for all computers. Gozar provides multi-facture authentication for Windows logon. You can install Gozar on your Windows computers and add multi-factor authentication for every logon. All of your computers will be secured and no one can logon with only username and password. Find out more info at gozar.io/logon.

Secure VPN

Gozar provides multi-facture authentication for VPN access. So, your network is secure even username and/or password have been compromised since it needs second-factor authentication on user's smartphone. With no installation on the clients, adding multi-factor authentication to your VPN server is very simple. Find out more info at gozar.io/vpn.

Secure Remote Desktop

Your network admins access to critical servers with remote desktop and it opens potential doors for hackers. Gozar adds multi-factor authentication to remote desktop connection with no installation on the admin clients. So, your remote servers are secure even a remote admin username and/or password have been compromised. Find out more info at gozar.io/rdg.

Simple API

Adding Gozar to your system is very simple. Gozar provides HTTP API that you can call from all languages and platforms. Gozar has only three APIs, including Add, Remove, and Authenticate, which are HTTP GET requests with HTTP Query parameters. You can see the Gozar API document at gozar.io/api.

How It Works

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